• Our next regular club meeting will be held online via Zoom, September 21, 2021, at 7:00 pm. The link to get into the meeting is sent by email. If you are not on our email reflector, I can send you the link directly. Send the request to: nt7b at outlook dot com.
  • The email reflector is now open to interested non-members; you can sign up here: https://mail.emerald-ars.us/mailman/listinfo/ears_emerald-ars.us . Please include your name and/or callsign so we can verify you’re a local Ham and not a spam-bot.
  • Amateur Radio License Exams: We held a test session in July, but then furloughed the service again due to the resurgence of COVID. We look forward to providing exams again when it feels safe to do so. At this time we do not have anything setup for online/remote testing.
  • Join us On-the-Air: The EARS Net meets on our repeater, Thursday evenings at 7 pm. Click the “Nets” tab for more details.

    73, Jeff Hammond NT7B, Pres. EARS

Amateur Radio License Classes

New Entry-level (Technician) license 
Location and time : TBA
Registration Contact: Scott Rosenfeld
ph: 541-684-9970
email: ars.n7ji@gmail.com

Amateur Radio License Exams

You can get your initial license or upgrade your license with us. The Emerald Amateur Radio Society normally offers exams on the last Saturday of each month at the Springfield Justice Center.   For more information click this link.

What to bring to testing:

  • Money or check to cover testing fees,$15.00 payable to “ARRL/VEC.”
  • If you are testing for the first time, you will need 2 pieces of ID,one must be a photo ID.
  • If you are up-grading, please bring a copy of your FCC license and any CSCE’s you may have, as well as photocopies of these documents along with your photo ID.

If you are successful in passing the Technician or General Test, you will be given the opportunity to try for the next higher class licence for no additional fee at that time.For more information contact Peter McClosky at N7IY@arrl.net

EARS Breakfast and Open Shack

1st Saturday every month
Time 8:00 am, Location — Flashback Grill, 4229 Main Street, Springfield.
Then to our Shack (about 10:00 am) at the Justice Center EOC in Springfield

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