EARS Leadership

Jeff Hammond    NT7B ,          President

Doc Shankle        W7DOK        Vice President

I am 77 yrs old, hold an Earned Doctorate in Pastoral Care and Counseling,  and have been a Ham for many years.  I started out as a teen then was inactive for a number of years, and am now active again. I worked many years in Commercial Broadcasting as an On air Personality, News Director, Anchor, and a Station Manager.  I don’t contest or chase paper or any of that and I have the BARE walls to prove it. CONTESTING has me running, “Hair on FIRE”, for the WARC Bands.  I check into a few NETS and occasionally enjoy a good rag chew . I don’t have a fancy shack or “The BEST” of equipment.  I am pretty much a “100 watts and a wire” operator, as I have limited space, and being retired, FUNDS are also limited.  I have plenty of fun with my Peanut Whistle station. 🙂

I run an Icom IC-7300 into a DX-CC 5 Band Antenna Up 35 Feet sloping East/West in an inverted V. I also have a Hustler BTV5 vertical, ground mounted with 32 radials each 32 feet long.

I run an Alinco DR-135 for 144Mhz. into a 3 element Yagi at 25′. When mobile in my car, I operate a TYT TH-9800 10 Meter FM, 6 Meter, 2 Meter and 440 Mhz Quad Band Transceiver.

I am rediscovering Echolink while I travel. and I take my Go Box, consisting of an Icom IC 706-MKIIG into a Buddipole deluxe portable antenna system. My Handhelds consist of a Yaesu FT-60, and several Baofeng UV-5R’s. I participate in Emergency Communications in my area.

My project in 2022 is to erect a Rohn 25 Tower.  The height will be minimal (31 feet) to keep the City Happy.

I am a retired Commercial Broadcast/News Personality and an Ordained Clergyman. I have 5 children, 5 Grandchildren and 4 Great-Grands.

I am a member of the Emerald Amateur Radio Society, Lane County, Oregon, WA7FQD. I sometimes serve as Net Control Station for the EARS Club weekly Net on 2-Meters.

I am currently serving as Vice President of the Emerald Amateur Radio Society (EARS) Radio Club. This organization has provided me with education and lifelong friendships. IF you hear me on the air, gimme a shout…  I love to chat!

Ken Vogeney       KG7QPL          Secretary

EARS Secretary: Ken Vogeney, PE, KG7QPL, Springfield Emergency Manager:
I graduated from the University of Idaho with a BS in Civil Engineering in 1985 and am a
registered Professional Engineer in Oregon and California. Ive worked in municipal
engineering with the City of Springfield since 1997 and in the San Francisco Bay Area for the
prior 10 years. I was Springfield’s City Engineer for 10 years, then became the City’s first full
time Emergency Manager in 2015. I volunteered to become the EARS Secretary in 2017 and it’s
been my privilege to serve the Club since then.

I earned my Technician ticket in 2015 and have slowly been working my way into VHF/UHF
operating with my Baofeng UV5R, Yaesu FT70D, and Powerwerx DB750X. My primary
interests in Ham radio are in local area Emcomm, upgrading the Clubs shack, bunny hunts, and
keeping our Club repeater (146.74) on the air.

In addition to Ham radio, I enjoy several other hobbies, including walks with my wife, spending
time with family, gardening, cooking/canning, home improvement, woodworking, camping in
my 5th wheel, fishing, and

Don Metheny     AI7AD            Treasurer

I discovered ham radio after I retired from project management and engineering in 2012. After we moved from Fredericksburg VA to Florence, I got interested in surviving the big one. That led me to attend monthly preparedness educational events at the fire station and to join the Florence Community Emergency Response Team (CERT). They used walkie-talkies (FRS Radios) to communicate between teams and my interest in radio grew. I transferred my CERT membership to Eugene/Springfield when we moved here in 2013 and I quickly realized the value of emergency communications via radio. I earned my tech license in April 2014. I joined both local radio clubs to learn more. I was inactive at first. There were few nets then but I participated in occasional events like walkathons, races, and parades.

In late 2019, I bought a used ICOM 7300 because the price was right. So now I needed to upgrade my license so I could put the horse back in front of the cart. I got my general ticket in early March of 2020 and with the pandemic looming, I raced to get my extra ticket a few weeks later. Now I had a horse and cart, but no hitching. I needed an antenna. A good nearby ham, N7JI, loaned me a portable 20-meter vertical which I used for almost 6 months while I built my own 10/20/40 parallel dipole. Building anything in a pandemic was a challenge and most of the parts were obtained online or using curbside pickup. The antenna build was a success and I’ve been on the HF air since. Meanwhile, I also became very active in some of the local nets and helped determine the architecture of the Eugene Emergency Community network which uses FRS, commercial, GMRS, and ham radios.

In addition to ham radio, I enjoy several other hobbies, including walks with my wife and our dog, traveling (pre-Covid), snorkeling, and hiking. I joined the Eugene/Springfield CERT team in 2013 and later became a CERT trainer and District Lead. I helped prepare the Emergency Plan for my church and helped write the disaster plan for the Southeast Neighborhood Association of Eugene. I am currently active in several groups advocating disaster preparedness and conducting educational efforts. I also volunteer for the Lane County Senior and Disabled Services program as a money manager for those who are unable to do that for themselves.


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