Emergency Communication

During times of emergency, EARS operates under the auspices of the City of Springfield Emergency Management structure. EARS Amateur Radio stations WA7FQD and W7SFD are operational at facilities provided by the Springfield Police Department for additional radio communication activities, as directed and needed.

What are the expectations of EARS members who volunteer to work in the area of Emergency Communications? After assuring that their own families and property are safe and secure, EARS EmComm members will respond under the organization´s Emergency Operations Plan. Prospective members may be required to undergo a background check to enable them to work in secure areas.

In addition to an Amateur Radio license, the basic equipment needed for Emergency Services is a handheld transceiver (with plenty of batteries), and a willingness and commitment to learn proper procedure. Additional equipment can range from a mobile radio to a very-well equipped home station or RV. We also have the local repeater frequencies available to import into your radio using CHIRP on our website.

EARS has a monthly training session for emergency communications. At these meetings, individuals will be trained in the proper usage of radio equipment, operating procedures, and message forms used in Emergency Operations Centers. In addition to classroom settings, Simulated Emergency Training (SET) drills and community service operations will be used to enhance the operating skills and experience of the EmComm members. 

For additional information concerning EARS Emergency Communications service and training, please e-mail: info@emerald-ars.us with the subject “Emergency Communications”.

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Our next monthly meeting is Tuesday, July 16, 7 p.m. at the Springfield Justice Center.